Which Kitchen Remodeling Projects Pay Off?

Thinking that kitchen remodeling will help you sell your home in the near future? You’re absolutely right. Around 80% of home buyers ranked the kitchen as a favorite room.

That means potential buyers will pay special attention when they get into your kitchen. Of course, the average kitchen makeover costs around $23,000. and not all renovations lead to better selling prices.

If your focus is on renovations that pay off, keep reading and we’ll highlight some of the things that home buyers really care about in a kitchen.

New Appliances

You don’t need brand new appliances in your kitchen. They shouldn’t look like you transported them in from another decade either. Dated appliances make the whole space look and feel a little neglected, no matter how well you maintain those appliances.

While trendsetters might argue about it, stainless steel appliances are a known quantity. Not only do they hold up well, they require minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Opt for energy efficient models. You’ll save a little money on utilities. Plus, it’s an added level of appeal for home buyers.


Embracing a foodie lifestyle was trendy for a time, but it’s become a full-on lifestyle choice in recent years. The massive and ongoing success of channels like the Food Network and YouTube cooking channels is a testament to that fact.

Serious foodies who cook at home can prove hard on countertops. That makes a countertop upgrade a safe remodeling choice for getting a return on investment.

Look for durable options like quartz or granite. These materials stand up well to abuse and resist stains when maintained properly.

If you opt for granite countertop, you’ll want a kitchen remodeling contractor to take a look at your cabinets. They may need reinforcement before they’ll support the weight.

Kitchen Island

Something almost everyone will expect is a kitchen island. Not only does it expand the working space of the room, but it also serves as a staging area for serving meals. You can even use it as a de facto table for breakfast on busy days.

If you don’t have one or it’s showing it’s age, it’s time to invest. Make sure the top matches your other countertops or go with a durable butcher block.

If the island is a permanent fixture, consider adding an electrical outlet or two for convenience. After all, it’s a much more useful space if you can use handheld mixers and blenders on it.

Parting Thoughts on Kitchen Remodeling that Pays off

A well-considering kitchen remodeling project can prove a boon for your future home selling venture. The foodie lifestyle permeates modern culture and appears poised for a long-term stay.

Upgrading appliances, countertops, and your kitchen island are all things that support that lifestyle. Even better, they give your kitchen a modern look without the hassle of ripping out cabinets or walls.

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