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Example of a luxuries bathroom home remodeling

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Contact us today online or by phone. Tell us a little about you and your dreams. You’ll get a call from Tony. He’ll chat with you about your project. If it sounds like a good fit, we’ll meet you in person, at your home, for a free consultation.

Hire a dedicated home remodeling construction crew

Our project manager works hard to keep your project moving. He manages our in-house home construction crews, and he manages all of the subcontractors. That keeps things moving efficiently.

Unlike other general contractors, once we start a job, we stay on that job site until it’s done. We don’t show up for a few days and then disappear for weeks at a time. There can be delays at times, due to things like supply chain issues, but we work to keep those to a minimum. If an issue arises, we are there to advocate on your behalf, to help keep the project on schedule.

Enjoy clean home remodeling job sites

During most home remodeling projects, you can continue to live in your home during the transformation.

We also pride ourselves on keeping a clean, neat, and orderly job site. On a residential remodeling project, we take the time to protect your home. We cover the floors and walls that are not part of the remodel. We minimize construction dust with zip-wall systems and air scrubbers. We don’t leave a bunch of trash and materials lying around.

You’ll be able to use the rest of your home during the construction process. We know that you don’t want to come home from work and find a messy job site that interferes with your lifestyle.

We also hire clean-cut workers who we trust.

Remodeling is arduous, but at Daher Construction we try to make it a carefree experience for you as a homeowner.

Finally get your dream home, with a dependable general contractor

This may be the last remodeling project you undertake. It will be the home you grow old in. Now is not the time to go the cheap route when it comes to materials and contractors. Get your dream home built right.

Home Remodeling Services


A beautiful and functional kitchen that will bring you joy every time you use it.


Create a functional, luxurious, and relaxing space with a bathroom remodel or bathroom addition.

Room Additions

Create your perfect living space by expanding beyond your existing floor plan with a custom room addition.

Flooring and Siding

Updating and replacing worn siding and floors dramatically change the appearance and first impression of your home.


Add characteristic living space beyond the interior, with a quality custom deck. Gather, eat, and entertain outside.

Windows and Doors

Replacing outdated and worn windows and doors transform the look of your home and your energy bills.

Example of a home remodeling project
Example of a custom deck project
Example of custom deck
Example of home remodeling

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