6 deck construction ideas you’ll love

A picture of custom wood deck construction

Are you thinking of hiring a contractor for deck construction? It may be helpful to look around for some inspiration so you can bring some likes and dislikes to your deck building contractor. Here are a few custom wood deck designs we’ve seen that we think you’ll love!

6 custom wood deck construction ideas

  1. Wood deck construction with modern railings – Adding modern railing gives a stylish touch to your traditional custom wood deck.
  2. Add a fire table to the deck construction – Not only does a fire table add some comfort and gives you another hosting area, but it also elevates the look of your custom deck. Your local deck builder can help you install one that has a non-combustible base and meets your city code.
  3. Put up a privacy fence around your deck – You may think privacy fences go around your yard but, especially for elevated decks, they add privacy and style to your custom deck as well.
  4. Screen in the deck to keep bugs out – Do you hate mosquitos, flies, and other bugs ruining your outdoor fun? Us too. By covering your deck and adding screens you can prevent bugs from ruining your entertainment. A roof or other covering protects and gives you a wider range of options of outdoor furniture.A view of a screened-in deck construction
  5. A pergola to beat the heat – Pergolas provide shade and beauty to your outdoor space.
  6. Built-in seating and surfaces improve functionality – Considering the cost to build a custom wood deck, you want to get the most out of your new space. By adding built-in seating and surfaces such as a table or bar area you always have an area ready to host your friends and loved ones.
  7. Large, low-to-the-ground, open design – Delete the railing and lower the design to the ground. You can then put your money towards more coverage area of your custom deck.

Things to keep in mind for your custom deck construction

You likely want your deck to be an escape from the real world. A place you can host friends and family. It’s an additional living and entertainment space and should compliment your home’s design.

The first step to take when deciding how you would like your custom deck to be designed is to define how the space will be used. Will it be used for your family’s relaxation? A space for dining and entertaining? What furniture will be built or placed on it? By answering these questions for yourself, you can better translate the idea you have in your head to your deck building contractor.

The second thing to consider is your budget. The cost of custom deck construction is not cheap. So weigh your budget with your design wishes. Consider creating a ranking of your wants and cross items off from the bottom until your design choices align with your budget.

Finally, when considering local deck builders to hire for your deck construction, choose ones with a good online reputation. Then, verify the contractor has all the licensing, bonding, and insurance required. A contractor needs to maintain liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance to ensure you aren’t the one stuck with the bill if your house is damaged or if a worker is injured during your deck construction. You should also look into the contractor’s past experience and ask them for references. It shouldn’t be difficult to get references for experienced local deck builders.

Once you’ve narrowed down the choices using the above recommendations, all that’s left is to pick the person you get along best with. What impression are they giving you? Do you think they’ll be good people to work with? Do you get the sense that they’ll be honest?

Custom deck construction is expensive. So, do your best to hire the best local general contractor for the job to ensure you’ll love your new deck for years to come.


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