Having a small house doesn’t mean you have to live in it like it’s a box.

There’re ways to add on to your small place to give it a big look and feel.

Small house addition ideas make it possible to renovate and add to a little place.

Adding space to small living quarters increases the value of your home. If you ever consider selling, additions that add space attracts more buyers. Think of the additional income you could bring in with an add on as well.

You could add a room and rent it out or start a business. The best part is you have more room to do things you couldn’t do before.

Don’t think it’s possible to renovate and add to a small house? Well, here’s a complete guide on how to make it work with a small house.

Small House Addition Ideas: The Ultimate Room Addition

In most real estate buys, it’s the number of rooms that seal the deal.

If you bought a house but don’t want to sell it because you love it, add a room.

You’re probably thinking how to do I add a room to a small house without messing with the foundation. Easy!

Enclose a patio and add walls.

Depending on the original structure of the house, you won’t have to demo the roof, which preserves the home’s initial beauty. The sliding glass door gives your houseguests or live-ins access to outdoors without interrupting you.

Add a Dormer

If your home has a sloping roof, add a dormer.

Dormers are those unique-looking windows that sit at the tip-top off a home. They add mystery to a home as you drive past it.

How does a dormer add space? It increases the capacity or open-space of your attic. Attics make great storage spots and additional rooms for guests.

Expand the Kitchen

The kitchen is a hub for family gatherings and making great memories. But when it’s small, you can’t do much of either.

Expand the kitchen.

By adding micro space you can open your kitchen up for some great things. 100 square feet makes the difference in a four-chair kitchen table or six. Better yet, more counter space.

With more counter space comes more cabinet space. You can add a small eat-in counter with drawers and cabinets.

The Bedroom Bump Out

Having a small master bedroom is like having a regular-sized room. There’s practically no closet space or room to decorate.

By adding a bump out you can extend your bedroom another 3 to 15 feet. Add a window nook. Turn the seat into a storage bin to clear space in your closet. That’ll also help you create space between your bed and the wall.

You won’t have to touch the roof or foundation for this type of add-on either.

Expand Your Space

Adding on to a small house isn’t impossible. It’s a matter of understanding what you’re working with.

Use these small house addition ideas and start living large.

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