Don’t Do It Yourself! 5 Projects to Leave to a Professional Contractor

Home renovations were expected to cost Americans 340 billion dollars in 2018.

Whether it fell above or below that amount is yet to be evaluated. However, one thing that is certain is that a lot was spent.

The cost of home renovations can be high and that is why many homeowners have taken to doing do-it-yourself projects on their homes. While this is admirable for smaller jobs it is not always such a great idea for bigger more complex jobs.

If you have a large complex project and have never done anything like it before, it doesn’t matter how many tutorials you read or watch. You will probably end up biting off more than you can chew.

A disastrous do-it-yourself home remodeling project can wind up costing you more in the long run. Here are some projects that you should always hire a professional contractor to do.

1. Electrical Work

Replacing a ceiling fan or a dimmer switch that has gone bad is easy work with the correct tutorial. Just make sure that you turn off the electricity that is going through the circuit that you will be working on.

However, taking on more extensive electrical work can leave you in shock, literally. If electrical circuits need to be extended or new cables need to be run leave it alone if you are not qualified because you run the risk of giving yourself an electrical shock or causing a fire.

2. Roof Repair

Roofing repair is one of those do-it-yourself projects that can get you injured fast. It may look simple enough when you see roofing contractors using their pneumatic nail guns with apparent ease.

However, they are trained to do it. Carrying supplies back fort and going up and down on a ladder to get to different parts of a roof is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, so leave it to the professionals.

3. Removing a Wall

You might be toying with the idea of opening up some extra space in your home by getting rid of a wall. While this is not a bad idea if it really will make your home more comfortable taking on the project yourself can prove disastrous.

This is because some walls in a home are load-bearing walls designed to hold up the floor or even the roof. Before you knock out a wall you must be sure that you put some kind of support system in place.

If you don’t, the floor or even your roof could come crashing down.

4. Decking

You may be dreaming of adding a deck to your home and you may also be toying with the idea of doing it yourself. However, if you make a wrong move you could end up with a disaster.

You must ensure that you use the right boards, place gaps between the deck board so that water can shed, make sure the deck can support the amount of weight that will be on it, stain it carefully and most important of all you need to ensure that it won’t come toppling down.

That’s a lot to take on and decking done wrong can be costly to redo when a professional would have done it right in the first place.

5. Large Plumbing Projects are for a Professional Contractor

Removing a broken pipe and installing a new one is often light plumbing work that can be a fun do-it-yourself job. However, when it comes to larger projects which involve modifying a water supply line or even fixing a hot water heating system you should leave it to a professional plumber.

A wrong move could cause a flood which you cannot contain. You will not only have to fix your plumbing system but treat for water damage as well. This means your bill will skyrocket fast.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on taking on a DIY project for your home, a professional contractor will often cost you a lot less in the long run.

The last thing you want is to have to do something more than once. While taking on small projects to save yourself some money is definitely a great idea, you should know your limits.

If a project is too complex then always leave it to the professionals. If you would like more information on home construction and remodeling then please contact us.


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