6 reasons why your old exterior door needs replaced

A general contractor performs exterior door replacement

Not only is your front door a statement piece for your curb appeal but did you know air leaks around the exterior door of your home accounts for up to 20% of energy loss according to the U.S. Department of Energy? That’s going to account for the biggest reason you need exterior door replacement, but there are a few more reasons we will detail in this article.

Exterior door replacement increases home value

Replacing your front door with a new one made from steel can offer an ROI of around 70-90%. So, if you don’t like your exterior door or it’s not operating properly in some way and you plan on selling your home in the future, it’s worth getting a new door installed. If you’re wanting to make sure the selection of door offers the best return on value and you want to make sure the door is installed properly, go with a trusted general contractor to get the job done.

New front door installation boosts curb appeal

OK, maybe you’re not worried about keeping up with the Joneses, and that’s a good thing, but do it for yourself! Exterior door replacement changes the entire look of your home. There are all kinds of styles of doors to choose from so you’re bound to find something that fits your taste and budget.

You should feel good when you come home. Don’t let an outdated, ugly front door bring down your home’s aesthetic.

Exterior door replacement increases energy efficiency

Like we said above, 1/5 of the energy loss of your home can be caused by your front door being drafty. Your door should shut and latch tightly with no wiggling in the door frame. During windy days, you shouldn’t really feel the breeze coming through the edges.

So, not only could you earn some of your investment after selling your home, you could earn some of it back in energy savings.

A new door could increase accessibility to your home

When selecting a new front door, you can opt for ones that are wider for wheelchairs or for getting larger items in and out of your house. There’s also all of the new technologies like keyless entry and digital locks.

A new exterior door replacement could make entering your home much easier and offer some lifestyle upgrades.

Improve weather and burglar resistance with a new front door

Yes, we already talked about energy efficiency but there’s more than that in weather resistance. But there are front door options with increased insulation and weather resistance similar to a storm door.

As for beefed up security, outside of the technology choices a general contractor could suggest, there are aesthetically pleasing steel and fiberglass security door options out there.

An old door that’s loose in its frame, doesn’t latch properly, or has just become very weathered is much easier to break into.

New exterior doors feature materials that resist aging

If your existing exterior door is made of wood, it might be showing signs of warping or damage. For a virtually maintenance-free option, steel or fiberglass both resist warping.

So, understand that a new front door really is an investment of sorts. It offers energy savings, increased home value, and also tends to last longer than the door that you’re replacing.

Signs you need exterior door replacement

If you see or feel any of these things when operating your door it’s likely time for a new one:

  • Mold
  • Excessive drafts
  • Door doesn’t latch properly
  • Water damage/rotting
  • Door sits loosely in the frame
  • Rust on metal doors
  • Door hardware has broken off
  • Door has cracks or breaks

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