Choosing the Best Deck Material: Comparing Composite Decking vs. Pressure-Treated vs. Regular Wood

When it comes to home improvement, there are few projects that are as satisfying as building a deck.

A deck provides outdoor living space while adding a substantial return on your investment if you ever plan to sell your home. However, building a deck shouldn’t be entered into lightly.

Aside from adhering to city code and ensuring it’s built properly, you also have to choose what type of decking material to use. For example, there’s composite decking material, pressure-treated wood, and regular wood. How do you decide what the best deck material is for you and your project?

Keep reading to get a better idea.

Composite Decking Material

Composite decking has been becoming more and more popular among homeowners and contractors alike. Composite decking is incredibly durable and weather-resistant. This means you won’t be responsible for staining, sealing, and protecting the material.

Additionally, most composite decking materials are made of recycled materials, which makes them more eco-friendly than most of their counterparts. The materials include recycled sources from industrial and consumer wood and plastics.

Composite decking comes in a variety of colors and textures, depending on the manufacturer. This makes it easy for homeowners of all types to find a composite decking material that will suit their aesthetic standards.

Finally, because composite decking material is so hardy, it often comes with 15, 20, and 25-year warranties from the manufacturer. Many people consider it to be the best deck material of the modern era.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is another great option for your deck. Pressure-treated wood is durable and weather and pest resistant. However, the type of wood used and the manufacturing process play a large part in its quality.

For example, low-end pressure-treated boards tend to warp and twist. While they are sturdy and nearly impenetrable, they’re can also be quite ugly.

On the other hand, premium or select cuts of pressure-treated wood, while more expensive, may well be worth the cost. They’re fired in the kiln before and after being treated, which cuts down on warping while boosting durability.

Regardless of what wood you use to face your deck, pressure-treated posts and boards can be the best deck material for the uprights and support system of the deck.

Regular Wood

Finally, you have regular wood. Regular wood planks provide the most options in terms of types of wood and finishes, leading many to see it as the best deck material. However, you also need to be wary of potential damage to the wood by insects and weather, especially with soft wood.

Using regular wood can result in a beautifully finished deck. However, be sure you stain and seal the deck appropriately to prevent it from falling apart, fading and being worn down. This type of decking material also requires regular, yearly maintenance.

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