The 5 Surprising Benefits of Renovated Kitchens You Should Know About

Kitchen renovations are large projects that can disrupt the day to day life in your home for a short while, but the payoff is well worth it. A newly renovated kitchen can provide many functional and aesthetic benefits to your home. Keep reading to see the top five reasons to consider renovating your kitchen!

1. More Storage Space

One of the largest benefits of renovating your kitchen is that you can get more storage space by doing so. You can easily increase your counter and cabinet space by turning a wall into an island, or by changing the layout of your appliances.

2. More Standing Space

Expanding the actual amount of floor space in your kitchen can also help you increase the amount of standing space that you have. You can turn your kitchen from a room that serves as a functional workspace to an actual entertaining space – especially if you make an island a central part of your floor plan.

Removing a wall and turning it into additional counter space can also make it so your kitchen opens into your living room. This can create a broader open concept design and provide aesthetic benefits to rooms beyond your kitchen as well.

3. Energy Efficiency

Renovating your kitchen gives you the opportunity to replace your old appliances. Newer models are much more energy-efficient, which can reduce your utility bills each month. You should also look for specific models that are certified with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program.

4. Renovated Kitchens Improve Resale Value

Kitchen remodels and renovations are a huge value add to your home. You can recoup about 70 percent of the remodel’s value if you decide to sell your home in the future. While it doesn’t make sense to renovate your kitchen just to sell your home, this is something to think about if you’re considering moving in the near future.

5. New Aesthetic

A kitchen renovation is a perfect opportunity to completely refresh the appearance of your kitchen. No matter what materials are used in your kitchen, your surfaces will begin to look worn and out of date after decades of use. A remodel can be something as simple as applying new coats of paint, or as comprehensive as actually ripping out the cabinets and counters and replacing them with new materials.

You should also consider adding new windows as a part of your remodel. More natural light can transform the appearance of your kitchen, making it seem larger and more vibrant even if most of the surfaces stay the same.

Consider a Kitchen Remodel Today

Kitchen remodels do represent a commitment, but renovated kitchens will quickly pay dividends. A more comfortable, functional and larger space can take your kitchen from just another room to the centerpiece of your home.

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