Repairing Years of Water Damage

Mike lives in Springfield and bought a lovely home in a desirable neighborhood. It had a charming bay window with a copper roof that immediately caught their eye and gave the home definite curb appeal.  As time went on, Mike noticed some telltale signs that something wasn’t right. There were cracks in the wall around his bedroom window, that same bay window he loved. The window and wall literally seemed to be shifting and moving, even the ceiling was starting to show signs of something wrong. Mike knew it was time to call in some expert help and Daher Construction was chosen to tackle the job.

After tearing off the old stone façade, it was apparent that the stone was not installed correctly from the time it was built. It lacked any waterproofing element and had been leaking for 25 years. The wood rot was everywhere, and it was a miracle the windows were even intact as nothing was really holding them in place anymore.

Home water damage repair

The team got to work, removing the old stone, windows, copper top, all the old insulation, and rotted wood. In goes all new framing, insulation, waterproofing, bay windows, copper roof element, and beautiful new stone on the outside. The inside received new framing, insulation, trim, drywall, and paint. All water-damaged wood was replaced inside as well. Our crew takes great care to keep our job site clean both inside and outside.

The photos show the finished project looking great. The new watertight stone really pops and creates an even better first impression. Mike is happy he has no more water issues to worry about. If you are considering hiring a contractor, be aware that cutting corners during the building process can be extremely costly down the road. Many homeowners hire the cheapest bid instead of the most qualified, and this can be the result of that decision. Contact the BBB and HBA and research your choices before making a decision on a contractor. The most expensive project you’ll ever pay for is the one you must do twice.

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