Designed by Daher: 5 Inspirational Home Makeover Ideas

In 2018 alone, Americans spent nearly $400 billion on home improvements and renovations.

While some of those home improvements were necessary repairs, such as roofing, many of them were about creating a better home experience.

After all, it’s rare that homeowners find their homes completely satisfying. Maybe you just dislike the color in your bedroom or maybe you always dreamed of a huge master bathroom.

Think that your home needs an upgrade but not sure what to upgrade? Keep reading for five inspirational designed by Daher remodeling and renovation ideas.

1. Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling stands as one of the most popular home improvements.

It’s understandable since changes in fashion become most apparent in bathrooms.

If small tiles come back into fashion for bathrooms, large tiles immediately make your bathroom look dated. If minimalist nickel fixtures come into fashion, ornate antique brass fixtures make your bathroom look it belongs to a grandparent.

As a bonus, a bathroom remodel lets you take advantage of water-saving technologies that your current bathroom may lack.

2. Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects often trade places for the most popular home improvement projects.

Your kitchen probably functions as the social hub of your home, which means it endures a lot of wear and tear. It also means that outdated appliances and color schemes become very obvious to visitors.

Consider trading out those white cabinets and pale flooring for dark wood cabinets and black tile. Unless your kitchen is exceedingly small, a light background color on the walls will keep the space feeling open.

3. Room Addition

Sometimes, your home is just not quite big enough.

Maybe you had another baby. Maybe you started working from home and need an office space.

Whatever the reason, a room addition can create that extra space you need. A room addition project also lets you design and decorate it to your exact needs.

4. Deck Addition

One big cultural trend in recent years is the turn toward outdoor living.

While you might not go in for an outdoor kitchen or enclosed patio, a deck addition can expand your outdoor living space.

You get a stable area for grilling, patio chairs, and even a picnic bench. With composite materials making decks all but immune to the weather, a deck addition also adds long-term value to your home.

5. Basement Remodel

Want more living space inside, but not up for a room addition?

You can always finish your basement. A finished basement offers an ideal space for a home office, a play space for kids, or an extra guest room.

Just make sure to keep the colors light since basements often lack good natural lighting.

Remodeling Projects Designed by Daher: A Great Investment

If your ready to give your home a new look and feel, one of the designed by Daher remodeling project above can make it happen for you. Whether it’s a simple upgrade for your outdated bathroom or a new room, you can create the home you always dreamed of owning.

Didn’t see the project you want listed above?

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