7 Residential Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

There’s no doubt that remodeling your house can add value and boost the ROI (return on investment) of a home. A bathroom remodel has an average cost recovery of around 70-78% depending on location and other factors.

Are you thinking about redoing your bathroom but not sure where to start? Before you call a contractor, it helps to understand what you want to be done with the room.

These residential bathroom remodeling ideas should help spark your imagination.

Residential Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Trends come and go, but some bathroom styles are so elegant that they withstand the test of time. Before you call residential remodeling contractors to start your project, consider some of the biggest design trends that also add value. You might find the perfect idea on our list.

1. Clean and White

Do you have a bathroom with lots of natural light? A modern design can work well here. If you don’t already have a window, installing one can make your bathroom appeal to more buyers.

A white, deep-soaking tub and vanity help reflect the light, creating a clean and airy feel. A walk-in glass shower doesn’t take any visual space, creating a zen-like atmosphere.

2. Dark Powder Room

A powder room, or half-bath, is the perfect space to try something creative. Blacks and navy blues are on-trend right now, and can often give a powder room a luxe feel. Consider painting the wall or using dark wallpaper for drama and make it pop with gold accents.

3. Travertine Tile

The earth-tone colors you see with travertine tile look stunning in the bathroom. Since natural stone can be porous, which may lead to moisture buildup, it’s important to have it installed correctly. A sealer can help reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep this tile looking its best.

4. Small Bathroom Ideas

If you’re dealing with a small bathroom, storage is often an issue. To add value, a pedestal sink and walk-in shower might be best. A shower niche is cut into the wall of your shower and it’s perfect for storing bath products.

Horizontal panels on the wall and large tiles can make a small bathroom look bigger.

5. Brass Accents

Brass accents are big this year and they look particularly stunning with a dark bathroom vanity. Brass is a warmer metal and an excellent way to add color to a room. Consider matching brass faucets with drawer pulls and tie it together with a brass-accented mirror.

6. Bold Marble Designs

Nothing says luxury quite like marble and installing marble tile or accents can boost the value of your home. Many buyers look for features like marble flooring or countertops and are often willing to pay more for them.

If you want your bathroom to become your oasis, why not install some marble tile in a bold or unusual design? Marble is also one of the most popular types of natural stone for bathroom countertops.

7. Stone Tile Shower

A walk-in shower with natural stone accents makes your bathroom look more upscale, increasing the value of your home. There are hundreds of designs you can choose and various stones that work well. Installing pebble accents can give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Finding a Residential Remodeling Company

Updating your old bathroom is sure to add value to your home, especially if you focus your budget on the flooring and new plumbing fixtures. We hope these residential bathroom remodeling tips gave you some ideas.

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