5 of the Best Home Remodeling Tips

One of the best financial investments anyone can make is owning a home. Whether you live long in the home or not, it’s smart to know what adds value in the long run.

Savvy home renovations can take your home’s value to the next level, making it the talk of the town.

The national average to remodel several rooms in a home equates to $43,109. The low end of that average is $3,695, proving anyone can improve the worth of their home for less.

If your home needs a useful touch-up, you need to read this. Here are the best home remodeling tips that’ll leave your friends and family stunned.

1. Bathroom Remodel

One of the best rooms in the house is the throne room. That’s right, the bathroom. Believe it or not, people will judge the worthiness of your home after one trip to the john.

Spruce it up.

Despite popular belief, replacing the sink, tub, and toilet won’t break the bank. You can buy gently used plumbing fixtures and more for home remodeling projects. Start by upgrading the toilet. Replace the faucets with more modernized pieces.

Update the caulking around the bathtub to give it a clean look. Switch out the shower head and change out missing tiles on the floor.

Simple enhancements can give the bathroom a different look and feel.

2. Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen isn’t reserved solely for meals. It’s a gathering place for family and friends, game nights, and occasional business.

So why not improve the atmosphere with a few customizations.

Start with the appliances. Swap them out for energy-efficient upgrades. There’s nothing worse than fresh paint, flowers and an unattractive stove or fridge to match. Bring them up-to-date, as well as the sink.

Next, change the overall appeal by installing new countertops. Sand and repaint the cabinets. And, revamp the vinyl flooring with new vinyl.

Don’t fret on costs. Small kitchen remodels can get done for as little as $4000.

3. The Best Home Remodeling Idea is a Deck Addition

A large yard is always a plus when buying a home, especially if you have a family. One big enhancement to a nice-sized yard is a wood deck.

Adding a deck increases the resale value of your home.

Decks average about 16 by 20 feet, including posts, railings, and balusters. Add some unique features like built-in benches or chairs. A fire pit is also a nice add-on to the deck.

You could also affix an entry gate to make the deck look more inviting. Of course, add lighting, plants, and other decoratives to spruce it up.

4. Doors & Windows

Pull double-duty. Improve your home and cut costs on your electricity by redoing the windows and doors.

Wood doors offer a natural, traditional beauty to a home. They come in a variety of colors, models, and styles. If you want something more durable, go with steel or fiberglass. They’re prone to less contraction and stand up to changes in weather and temperature.

Window replacements payoff. Try matching them to the climate you live in when upgrading. Focus on features in the anatomy of the window like the frame and cladding. The sash is an important part as well.

Use a low-E coating on the glass to improve efficiency. Also, add a grille to uplift the architectural style.

5. Home Exterior

The aesthetics of a home speak volumes. Curb appeal means everything when people first see your home.

Replacing or adding new siding does wonders and changes the look of your home. Make sure to add factory trim to the openings and corners of the siding for a sleeker look.

Remodel Your Home

Renovating certain areas of home your adds appeal and value. You may dread the costs upfront, but best home remodeling pays off in the end.

Survey your entire home—inside and outside. Plan right, then consult with a professional about things you’re unsure of.

Let us upgrade you. Take a look at our home remodeling services to assist you in increasing the worth of your home.


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