4 Room Addition Ideas for Your Remodel

Are you bored with your home? Looking to spice things up? And get some more usable space in the process?

Consider adding on a room!

A room addition is a perfect way to liven up your home. It’s also a great way to convert an unused space into a functional living area.

If you’re looking for room addition ideas, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll give you four of our favorite ideas to expand your living space.

1. Mother-In-Law Suite

When it comes to adding space to your home, you can’t go wrong by adding on bedrooms and bathrooms. A mother-in-law suite is a great way to accomplish this.

You don’t need a mother-in-law to add on one of these suites. A typical mother-in-law suite includes a bedroom and bathroom that any guest can use. You can do this easily by adding onto an existing bedroom in your home.

If you have an old barn or garage on your property, consider converting it into a separate apartment. Don’t have room on your property to expand out? Try expanding up!

Build a suite as a 2nd story addition to your home. Or on top of your garage. Round out the cozy new space with a small kitchenette if it’s not connected to your home.

2. Sunroom

Sunrooms are the new, hot trend in home remodels. And that’s for good reason. They’re super versatile and add a ton of character to your home.

The sky is the limit when it comes to sunroom design. Consider an interesting shape with plenty of architectural details. Just be sure to include lots of windows!

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, add windows to the ceiling. This makes it more like a conservatory. Fill it with plants to bring the outside in.

3. Breakfast Nook

Adding onto a kitchen is always a good investment. Consider adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen to add more eating space.

A breakfast nook can be as simple as a small bump-out of an existing wall. It only has to hold a small table. But it adds a ton of character to any kitchen.

Surround the new nook with windows to let in lots of light. Add benches with under-seat storage around the perimeter. And try painting it a vibrant color to add character.

4. Wraparound Porch or Deck

Bring the outdoors in by adding an outdoor living space. A porch gives you more room to entertain guests. And it’s a great place to relax.

If you have an existing porch, expand it to wrap around your home. This opens up fresh new views and gives you room to move. You can also consider screening in the porch and adding some windows to make it a 3-season porch.

Another option is to add a deck to your home. Get creative with the deck design. Include lots of square footage and different levels to make it interesting.

Room Addition Ideas to Inspire You

We hope these room addition ideas give you some inspiration to rethink your home layout. Talk to your contractor and get creative with your room design. And consider revamping old space to make it more usable.

You’ll be amazed at how much character a room addition adds to your home!

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