10 Things You Should Avoid At All Costs When Remodeling Your Home

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? A remodel can bring new life into an old house, renewing your excitement and passion for where you live. It’s a chance to introduce some new elements that will increase your enjoyment, as well as the value, of your property.

However, it’s important to be mindful of the work you do. Not every change will provide a return on investment. In fact, some choices can end up costing you even more in the long run.

To know what not to do, keep reading. Below are 10 things to avoid when remodeling a home.

1. Failing to Plan

Having a few ideas about what you’d like to change isn’t a plan. It’s an invitation to disaster.

Minor changes in different parts of the house are one thing, but a home remodel requires a comprehensive plan. It’s the best way to develop an approach that will reduce conflicts and complications.

2. Budgeting with Little Flexibility

You never know what’s behind a wall until you open it up. Your budget needs to accommodate those hidden surprises.

It’s not only your finances that you need to budget. People tend to underestimate the time it takes to do remodels. Allow yourself the time to do the job properly.

3. Ignoring the Big Jobs

What’s more appealing, a new kitchen counter or supporting floor joists? Obviously, a new countertop holds greater visual appeal. However, that is all for not if the floor is sitting on sags noticeably.

Structural issues must always take priority. Address these concerns before moving on to aesthetics.

4. Overestimating Your Abilities

A remodel is a great opportunity to flex your skills and build your experience. Just make sure you don’t take on more than you can handle.

Bringing in an expert doesn’t just give you their skills. It also gives you their knowledge, insights, and experience.

5. Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Finding the wrong contractor can be worse than not having one at all. Make sure to ask for references and samples of past work.

If the person doesn’t feel like a good fit, keep looking. You need someone that you’re comfortable with and that you can rely on.

6. Skipping the Permits

You pay taxes already, right? Do you really need to pay more to make changes to a house you own?

Unfortunately, you do. Failing to do so could require that you have to completely undo all the work you’ve done. It can also make things more difficult when it’s time to sell the house.

7. Being Unsafe

It can be tempting to get something done instead of waiting for help. But if you injure yourself, you could hold up your whole project, if not worse.

Err on the side of caution at all times. Your health isn’t worth getting something done quickly.

8. Not Thinking Choices Through

Your neighbor added a water-feature to their backyard that you think would work great on your property. However, you don’t have the plumbing for it, nor do you even really sit out back.

Don’t waste money on something you don’t really need. Budgets can be eaten up quickly, so be smart with your purchases.

9. Changing Your Mind

You were certain you wanted that wall gone, but now that it is, you’re not so sure.

Changing your mind can be a waste of time, money, and resources. As important as setting a plan is sticking to it.

10. Giving Up

Three months have passed since you started what was supposed to be a one-week project. Your house is a mess and nothing is finished and you just want to move on.

It’s times like this you need to persevere. Even if your tastes have changed, a finished home is always worth more than an unfinished one. Go back to the plan, pick-up the hammer, and have back at it.

Final Thoughts on Remodeling a Home

If you’re deciding to remodel a home, the above list will help guide you through the process. Following it will help reduce costly mistakes and set you on course to completing your plan.

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